bring the bbq indoors, a unique and fun catering experience

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Our beautifully presented indoor BBQ’s are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and everything in between. The Indoor BBQ offers something unique and fun for your event, its a completely self sufficient option to take away any stress of feeding your guests indoors.

Our Indoor BBQ menu is designed so that it can be served hot or cold dependant on your preferences and your venues cooking facilities. Think lamb kofta, stuffed vine leaves, tabbouleh and a mix of Mediterranean meats, vegetables and salads.

This will be delivered straight to your venue and your food will be laid out by our team ready for your guests to dig in. We’ll supply all condiments, napkins, plates and cutlery & serving trays.

Gluten free ✅ Vegan and Vegetarian ✅ Dairy Free ✅ 


Indoor BBQ set up and service information

If you’ve opted for an Indoor BBQ, our team will deliver your food at an agreed time, we will set-up the food for you and ensure its all ready for your guests to dig in.

No on site cooking is required for this menu, the only requirement is a table to set-up on.

If you’ve opted for hot food we will need access to an electric socket.

We’ll need 1 to 2 hours to set up.